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We present our new collection of trendy women's vests for this year. A new season collection of women's vests with a wide variety of models and the most current designs. Discover our complete collection of 4x4 Woman fashion for women.

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If you still do not know us and have come this far, you should know that in our women's fashion collections We are inspired by real women like you to create our collections, which are characterized by combining design and comfort. Don't miss out on all our proposals, you will be fascinated!

Where to buy women's knitted vests?

The knitted vest for women is one of the key pieces of this season, which cannot be missing in any wardrobe, and not even yours! Luckily for you, we have just what you need: the latest trends with great value for money. In our online store you can easily and easily purchase any of our products. No more having to travel and spend time looking for the garment you want! Thanks to us you will be able to find those fantastic sleeveless wool vests that you have seen everywhere and have wanted for a long time.

Also, as we have already discussed above, we took inspiration for our collections of real and natural women. We think of you and always offer you the best, so don't worry if you don't fit into standard size garments. On our website you also have knitted vests for women of large sizes available. We don't want this minor detail to be an impediment to looking fabulous this season!

New collection of women's knitted vests

Knitted vests have come to our lives (and closets) to stay. And, this garment can make a total difference when creating looks and outfits. Not to mention the material used to make it, knitwear is a very warm and tasty fabric, which will give you that extra softness and warmth so desired in the autumn, winter and even during the coldest days of spring. No one can resist!

You still don't have yours? What are you waiting for? A fine knit vest with wide sleeves is the kind of garment you didn't know you needed until now. If you've never dared to use them before, this may be a good time to try. We are convinced that it will become your inseparable companion in your daily life. Whether to go to the office, for a drink or even to attend events, the vest for girls sleeveless will be able to accompany you without any problem.

At 4X4 Woman we bring you various options so you can play based on your style and personality. At our company, we firmly believe that fashion and beauty do not have to be at odds with comfort. In fact, for us it is an indispensable feature, therefore, all our garments are designed to offer you that easy and casual style that you are looking for this season.

Any of our wool vests for women that you will find in our catalog stands out for its quality and design. We are sure that their wonderful colors and patterns will have a very special role when you decide to combine them on blouses, shirts or fine sweaters, among others.

Women's long knit vests

One of our star products is the long vest. Do you know what is it about? This peculiar version is characterized because, in this case, the garment extends a few centimeters more than necessary, reaching below the rear. In this simple way, a much more modern, original silhouette is created that gives a totally different approach to something as traditional as a vest can be.

This reinterpretation will not only allow you to create unique looks that will cause a sensation wherever you go (you have our word!), but it is also a great ally when it comes to concealing certain problem areas of the body. So, in the event that you have any insecurity with your abdomen or holsters, we advise you to bet on this type of flattering design.

And, to make things easier for yourself, you can buy a women's knitted vest in black, gray, beige ... all the basic colors that cannot be missing from your wardrobe! In this way, you will have it very easy to combine them and always get it right. Also, if you prefer, in our catalog you can also find mottled knitted vests. As you can see, there are options for all tastes.

Knitted vests to dress

Do you want something that is a little more elegant? Don't worry, we also have what you need in that sense, since these wool garments can be perfectly adapted to more formal outfits. We offer you various products so you can look fantastic whatever the occasion. Just take a look and find yours.

For example, the houndstooth knit vest is a safe bet. This type of pattern, so elegant and timeless, will give you that chic touch in any of your outfits. We advise you to wear it over a white blouse and finish off the look with black leatherette pants or jeans with ankle boots or high shoes, a long coat in a camel tone and accessories in gold. You will succeed!

If you want another alternative, take a look at our knitted vest with buttons and off the shoulder sleeves for women. If you have a shirt dress, you can give it a very special appearance thanks to this garment. And it is that, adding only the vest it will seem that you have a completely new dress. You can complete your outfit with high-top boots. You will go to the last!

Are you looking for women's vests? In that case, we invite you to dive in this section and discover all the surprises we have for you.

As you have seen throughout the text, it is a garment that offers great versatility and that can give a lot of play in your day to day, so, do not forget to take a look at all the news in our catalog. We are sure that you will find the ideal piece for you.

Get ahead of fashion and buy women's vests now made with the best fabrics.