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We present our new collection of trendy women's cardigans for this year. A new season collection of women's cardigans with a wide variety of models and the most current designs. Discover our complete collection of 4x4 Woman fashion for women.

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Where to buy a cardigan for women?

Our shop women's clothing 4x4 Woman is a Spanish family business specialized in the textile sector with a history of success of more than 25 years. In the catalog you will find garments with a very modern design and an excellent quality-price ratio. In addition, in our collections you will find a wide variety of sizes so that you can choose the garment that suits you the most at all times.

At 4x4 Woman you can buy a large size women's cardigan , as well as winter and summer designs. This basic will always be essential. A women's summer cardigan will keep you warm when evening falls.

We are committed to fashion based on day-to-day needs. We offer trends that are very flattering and, in addition, are very comfortable. The 4x4 Woman collections are inspired by real women with clothes so that you always feel favored. 4x4 shop windows are present in different cities but, in addition, we also offer an online sales service. Check the news of the new season in our online store and choose a women's cardigan jacket.

New collection cardigan for women

This new season comes full of news to 4x4 Woman. Color is the star element that brings a touch of vitality to the outfits of the coming months.

Are you looking for a colorful cardigan for women? The new catalog offers you a wide variety of proposals in camel, red, dark green, orange, black, gray, light pink and blue, but if you prefer you can see the patterns or marbled in colors as fashionable as gray, brown or beige. Tones with which you can create various combinations on a daily basis. One of the advantages of this garment is that, in addition to being versatile, it is very practical.

It is perfect for creating an look of autumn-winter made up of several layers. A women's cardigan with buttons is comfortable , as you can easily take it off if you're hot and put it back on when you need to warm up more. Each piece of clothing is defined by its color, its texture, and also its details. The buttons customize the finish of this item. These designs have a nice knitted texture. But, in addition, if you prefer an alternative design, you will also find this garment without closure.

We can show you the perfect cardigan for you, with different patterns with wide or narrow sleeves, long or hooded designs, colored or marbled print or with different fashion necklines that favor the female silhouette.

Enjoy fashion and seek originality to create different looks with this proposal . The open women's cardigans , one of the trends of the new season, combine with a nice blouse or an original shirt. In addition, they have an elegant fall. The texture of this piece adds a touch of spice l, even to a basic white t-shirt. This garment offers maximum comfort and, in turn, adds a chic touch to a casual style. If you want to choose an open cardigan with pockets, you will find this proposal in the new trends of the season.

One of the parts of a short cardigan that defines the design of the garment is the neck. In this catalog you will find models with a round neck or with a v-neckline.

Knitted cardigans that adapt to your look

Fashion, as you already know, is a form of personal expression through which you can communicate. And this communication is also adapted to the needs of each context of the year. During the fall and winter, for example, it is important to take care of the coat in the outfits. And the texture of this garment offers this warmth to any look . If you want to choose a thick long cardigan for winter , this is one of the trends of the new season. This pleasant fabric stands out for its softness.

If you want to enjoy the comfort of a casual style, this versatile garment gives you this chic touch. If you want to add a more romantic accent to this look, this is the ideal choice. Choose a more formal proposal to wear to a job interview or in the office. Select a comfortable wardrobe to enjoy a weekend plan. This garment, therefore, adapts to any moment of your routine as you can see through these examples adapted to the day to day. Make the purchase of the new collection with soft fabrics such as rib, wool, knit or mohair.

Women's wool cardigan

A long-sleeved mohair cardigan with a very pleasant texture adds a dose of sophistication. A mohair knitwear is the expression of warmth during fall. One more year, this fabric acquires great relevance in this new catalog of the firm. This is an elegant type of knit. These novelties, in turn, have a timeless aesthetic. A short cardigan has a design that, as you can see, never goes out of style. The 4x4 Woman catalog offers a quality-price ratio that is unbeatable.

If you want to buy a cardigan with an incredible discount, don't miss our offers that offer you the best price. We have for you, just what you were looking for at an incredible price. You can look for the trend cardigan for this year to combine with jeans and your favorite shirt or sweater. And the best? You can find your size within our wide range of this very versatile garment.

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Get lost looking at our clothes! Choose your cardigan for this year with all the quality that characterizes our clothing. Are you going to miss it?

Buying a women's cardigan online has never been so easy!