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We present our new collection of trendy women's linen shirt for this year. A new season collection of women's linen shirt with a wide variety of models and the most current designs. Discover our complete collection of 4x4 Woman fashion for women.

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At 4x4 Woman we have been creating fashion for women for almost a quarter of a century. We adapt our designs to all kinds of styles and ages, so you can find your favorite option in our clothing and accessories catalog.

Remember that, for orders in the peninsular territory, the shipping and return operations are totally free from 29.99 euros. We currently offer a 30% discount on most of our products.

Buy women's linen shirts for the new season

If there are some ideal garments for summer, those are linen shirts for women . Linen is probably the freshest material used in the textile industry. Its composition, mostly cellulose, allows it to absorb up to 20% moisture so that we do not feel wet clothes. Its hygroscopic potential means that sweat is trapped without us noticing the humidity; prevents the garment from sticking to the skin. Therefore, they are a perfect complement to withstand high temperatures and long hours of leisure or work.

Another point in favor of linen shirts is that they adapt to all body types, since they are garments that are usually worn loosely. Their ability to disguise contours and their neutral tones make these shirts the best if you want to attract attention just for your style.

Find your linen shirt for woman favorite in our new season collection. We adapt to your style, size and favorite tones. Buying your linen shirt online has never been so easy!

Linen shirt, the essential basic

If there is a garment that is creating a trend for spring and summer, that is the linen shirt. The truth is that it never goes out of style: it returns season after season, thanks to its infinite possibilities. Its simplicity, everyday life and practicality should not be confused with a simple garment. Its functionality makes it the perfect complement for your day to day without losing an iota of elegance. Combine with light, warm and pastel shades of trousers, as well as with the different materials of jeans, chinos, darts, trouser skirts and even suit trousers for executives. It also looks great with a flared skirt, ruffle skirt or table skirt. In our catalog, you have options in jacket design, ideal for halftime or indoor spaces with air conditioning, and sleeveless options, perfect for intense days outdoors, going for a drink on a terrace or visiting a new city, camera in hand.

Women's white linen shirt

Without a doubt, white is the star color when it comes to linen shirts. Flax, in its vegetable origin, offers a tone close to the color of wheat. Industrially, its color can be modified and linen can be dyed in very different colors; but it is always advisable to opt for light and warm colors, such as copper, gray or clay tones. In the catalog of 4x4Woman we offer options in these types of colors, although white and its varieties will continue to be the star choice when purchasing our linen garment. Its organic composition, similar to cotton, makes off-white or ivory colors perfect when combining with the right trousers. The white linen shirts , with different styles of sleeves, neck or back, are easy to style and give a look serious and practical; In addition, they are fresh and breathable.

How to combine linen shirts for women?

Linen shirts are the favorite garments for thousands of women in their daily routine. Their moisture absorption capacity and their breathability make linen shirts the ideal complement for spring and summer, both in work, leisure and family environments. Linen shirts have always been considered a wise choice for a classic and elegant look. If they do not usually occupy a privileged place in your closet, this situation must change. Linen shirts go with a lot of clothes, more than you could imagine.

To achieve a look more casual , perfect for going with friends to a terrace or for a short walk in the sun, plain-style jeans are an option perfect. Pair these accessories with fabric sneakers to achieve the perfect relaxed look . Another casual and informal option is to complete your look of a linen shirt with sandals, with or without wedge, in wheat color.

If what you are looking for is a elegant appearance , suitable for work environments, meetings or birthdays, you will be right by choosing a plain skort with low-heeled shoes. You can also opt for pleated trousers, which remain serious without having to give up comfort.

Don't be afraid of table skirts, ruffles or flight, either. In addition, the linen shirt is becoming the fashionable accessory for flower skirts. You will achieve a summery and cheerful appearance, because not everything is going to be work.

Jeans, striped or plaid pants ... There are dozens of other options to combine your linen shirt, whatever your plan. Find the one that best suits your tastes!

Linen shirt at the best price

There is a widespread myth around linen shirts for women . It is often said of these garments that they are not affordable for all pockets, but that has changed. From the 4x4Woman catalog, you can buy women's shirts in 100% linen at the best price. Taking advantage of our online discounts, you can buy your linen shirt with long sleeves or suspenders with a 20% discount. If you add any complement or accessory, you can have free shipping in just 24 or 48 hours from the preparation of your order.